Comparing *.scriv Files for Recency

I created a project then backed it up. So they both should have the same “date modified” date.
Unfortunately, one went on a thumb drive and I can’t remember which is the most recent. I opened both today and there really aren’t any clues; both now have today’s date as the “date modified.”

Is there a way to compare two *.scriv projects to determine recency?

In Outline view with the modified-date column enabled, you can sort the view by date. In that way you could compare which project had the most recently modified docs in it.

In a roundabout way you could contrive to use Scriv’s snapshot compare function to show you the differences in the total drafts, but this would be more work to arrange.

You could probably look under the hood of the project packages using Finder and figure what you need that way, too, but that would be more techie.