Compatibility problem between Mac and Windows (using Wine)


I have two licenses of Scrivener, for Mac and Windows, and intend to use Windows version on linux, using Wine. Scrivener Windows seems to work fine with Wine. The problem is this:

  1. When I create a project with Windows version, (let’s call it test) it makes a test.scriv folder with a project.scrivx file inside.
  2. Now, when I open the same project under Mac, it automatically renames the project.scrivx file to test.scrivx.
  3. Now, when I wish to return to Windows, Scrivener no longer agrees to open the project, unless I manually rename test.scrivx back to project.scrivx.
  4. But when I use Mac again, it automatically renames it again, back to test.scrivx.

As you may realize, renaming the binder file every time I want to open the project on Linux is mucho annoying.

Any idea how to overcome this problem?


When you try to open the project in Windows, exactly what happens? I just manually renamed a Windows project’s .scrivx file, and the project opened just fine. (Native Windows, not WINE, but it shouldn’t matter.)


Here’s the thing, it works on Native Windows just fine for me. With WINE, however, it refuses to open a project unless the .scrivx file is named project.scrivx.

Since this is a WINE problem, not a Windows problem, I’m moving this thread to the Linux forum.


How are you moving the project between systems?


Why not use the Mac version with your Linux set-up: … -software/

Also (if you don’t mind a bit of advice) don’t get caught up in finding/configuring the perfect tools for writing. Just write.

It’s on Dropbox (I close it on one computer before opening on the other).

It’s not working yet.

I can run Hackintosh in a VirtualBox, but that would be the very definition of overkill. :laughing:

Two suggestions: have you tried the Linux version of Scrivener on your Linux install, instead of the Windows version on Wine? Since you have Scrivener on the Mac, and it is the most advanced of the bunch, I’d assume you’d want to use the full suite of compile, etc. tools there? I run both, and find that the Linux version is about 95% perfect for everything I want to do in writing, sorting, composing, etc. I don’t believe you’ll run into the name-change glitch that way.

The other suggestion is to ensure you’re running the latest version of Wine? There’s a thread here in the forum for getting & compiling Wine, since most distro sources tend to be pretty far back on versions. It’s fairly simple, but the machine will run for so long you’ll want to go watch a movie or something. Just sayin’ … :laughing:

Good luck either way.

One thing to check, open up the project file on your linux box. Are there files of 0KB that mirror hte correct files/documents? Delete the 0KB ones. I had an issue with that, but it’s fixed. i haven’t had any compatibility problems. Are you using at least Scrivener 2.0 on Mac?