Compilation language for Word verification


if you compile a project to word document (docx), the language of the file is set to english by default.
The spelling tools in word underline everything in red so.
I’m french, and I have to change the language in each document word.
Not handy when I have to send the file to someone else.


Same issue in spanish.
No matter if dictionary or interface language are set to spanish, the compiled docx is always set to english.


Sorry for the delay, but if my answer can help someone…

You can use a Macro in Word for change your language.

Copy the code below in your Visual Basic Editor :

Sub ImportedScrivenerLanguageSwitch()
    With Selection
        .LanguageID = wdFrench
        .NoProofing = False
    End With
End Sub

Your LanguageID (in my case, wdFrench) will be listed on this page : WdLanguageID enumeration (Word) | Microsoft Learn
Change only this parameter with your language ID and it will go fine.

Be careful, you need a dictionary of your language in word, if you don’t have, the macro don’t work.