Compile a single document from iPad?

I’ve been attempting to utilize Scrivener for all my writing tasks, including composing blog posts. Within my blog project, I’ve organized my work into three distinct folders:

  1. Blog articles currently being written
  2. Ideas for future blog posts
  3. Blog articles that have been published

Within the “blog articles currently being written” folder, I have numerous articles ready to be published. My goal is to compile each article individually and upload each to my website. However, I’m encountering a challenge on the iPad: whenever I attempt to compile an article, the compilation process includes everything in the “blog articles currently being written” folder instead of just the selected article.

Is there a method to compile single articles on the iPad when they are part of a Binder containing multiple articles?

With the “share” button you can send a copy in one of four different formats.

Compiling on iOS is significantly simplified compared to macOS and Window versions.

Thank you. Yes, that works well. But, is there a way to compile a single document on the iPad?

EDITED: I just realized that I’m not thinking about this correctly. You’ll have to overlook me; I’m new to Scrivener. If I’m only dealing with one document, there is nothing to “compile.” I would only need to compile if dealing with more than one document. Duh. :slightly_smiling_face:

And, unlike the macOS version, AFAIK there is no way to select a set of documents to compile. The iOS version is not at all a clone (even close) to the macOS version for compiling. The iOS version works well to supplement the macOS version for editing “while on the go”.