Compile and Section Types/Layouts

I was going along fine with structure based section types. Worked for me. Then I wanted compile out to word and have it double space the text. I can’t do it. I have chapter folders, with individual text scenes in them. Both the Chapters and Scenes are set to structure based. In the compile, when I looked for ‘Scene’ layout to change – it’s not there. So I add one in, then I go back to my manuscript and change the scene type to ‘Scene’, and the Chapter to ‘Chapter Heading.’ When I go back to compile, the only document being used is Chapter Heading. This confuses me greatly – is there some way to associate type with layout that I’m missing?

I think maybe so. It isn’t a name based matching thing, like it sounds you might be looking for, but rather something you set up. Below the preview column in the middle of the compiler, when you first load it, you’ll find an Assign Section Layouts... button. Click that, and on the left you’ll see the Types of things in your project. On the right you select how each one of those should look using the preview tiles on the right.

And if you don’t like how something looks (maybe to add double-spacing as you say), just double-click the preview tile for the Layout to edit it.

So what you call it in the project can be anything really. More likely you’d refer to something in a way that makes sense, like “Scene”. Layouts tend to be called more along the lines of how they work though, like “Section with Title”.

In this way many projects can use the same layouts, even if they are coming at it from different angles (like a memoir might still want “Section with Title”, as some kinds of scenes might want).

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Ah, thank you. I have been struggling with the Compiler since I acquired Scrivener. This makes more sense. Part of it is, once I have it set up, I don’t go back in, and don’t remember how I did something. :joy:

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