Compile arbitrary selection of documents

Typically when I compile I don’t do the entire project but a special section that I want a reader to look at, or that I want to proofread in print paper. Say a section of a chapter, or a chapter. I think it’d be useful to be able to select the documents (typically in a nested structure) and compile the selection. I think there are two possible ways:

  1. In the compile window, under contents, have something like Filter --> Include --> Selected Documents
  2. right-click on a group of binder/corkboard elements and have a “compile selection” option

While (2) would be handy, (1) seems more consistent with the UI and avoids menu bloat imho.

Thanks and keep rocking. This is fantastic software.

This is already there in 2.x.

At the top of the contents pane, the drop-down menu (usually showing Draft or Manuscript) allows you to choose “Current Selection.”choose selection.png

You can also filter by the selection:filter to selection.png

I don’t think there’s a way to do this in 1.54; you just have to narrrow the selection as much as possible with the top “choose folder” drop-down and then select the documents you want to include.

I had 2.0.2 and I couldn’t see the “Current Selection” option underneath the Draft drop down. Now I installed it and there it is. Great!!!

Thanks a lot for pointing this out!