compile articles


I have 200 articles i introduce to scrivener.

How can i make so it compiles them and have the title and then the content?

Now it compliles the tilles in the first pages and then the content witout the titles

thank you

and i discover another problem.

i have 700 pages generated in word. but in the content area there are counted only 350 pages. What happen to the rest of the pages to be included in the content area?(they are titles.)

Maybe the missing pages clicked on the adult picture hosting link you included in your previous post and vanished :laughing:

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haha, i didnt see that they advertise. i remove the link :slight_smile:

The Formatting section of compile handles this. If you don’t see that, click the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As menu button to expand the compile window. In the Formatting section, make sure that both the “title” and “text” columns are ticked. It sounds like you have some documents at the beginning that are either a different type (e.g. a folder rather than a text document) or a different level (immediate child of the Draft rather than a child of a child) and these are set in formatting to include both title and text but the others include only text.

Chapter 23.8 of the user manual covers the compile formatting in depth.

thank you. i found it.

i mange to work it now:D