Compile as RTF, no footnotes

Hi there. Trying to export my document to rtf, and my footnotes don’t show up in Pages or TexEdit (I’m Wordless). What’s up?

Edit: rtfd worked.


Neither Pages nor TextEdit supports proper .rtf footnotes, unfortunately, so you’ll need to do a little workaround. Check out §25.4.2 from the manual to explain how to do this. Basically, Pages really only works nicely with the super-secret-not-available-to-developers-for-love-or-money .pages format or with .doc and .docx, and Apple’s exporters available to developers for the latter two are clunky and ridiculous. (I’m paraphrasing a lot of actual good explanation from Ketih and Ioa on this.) Scrivener has fantastic .rtf exporters because Keith coded a lot of it himself, but that’s not easily done for the .doc exporters.

Anyway, so what you’ll basically want to do is export your file from Scrivener as .rtf, open it somewhere else like (free), and save it there as a .doc or .docx so you can bring it into Pages. Alternatively you could send your .rtf to a friend with Word to convert it. :wink:

Definitely check out §25.4 of the manual on this, though; you may find another alternative that will work for what you need.

Edit: …like RTFD, if that’s sufficient for you. :slight_smile:

A special note on RTFD, just in case you go down that road and then wonder why they don’t act at all like endnotes later on when it is too late: those are not real endnotes—they are just formatted text. If all you intend to do is some final appearance tweaking in Pages then this is probably okay, but they are static once compiled with RTFD.