Compile - Chapter title

Hi Everyone

Most probably this issue has been resolved before, but I did not manage to find it in the forum (at least in a way that I could understand, and for Scrivener 3), so my apologies for that.
When compiling, I would like the title of the chapter to appear (this is, the wording that I have given to the folder that is tagged as chapter), but instead what´s printed is just Chapter One, Chapter Two etc. I have tried setting the chapter (which is a folder containing several scenes) to “chapter heading”, “chapter”…etc, but it does not seem to affect how it appears when compiling.

Hope the explanation is not as confusing for you as it seems when I re-read it.
Let me show a short example just in case
I have a folder in my manuscript, named “Getting started” with 3 scenes (Scene 1, Scene 2, Scene 3) on it. When compiling, I would like it to appear as:

Getting started

content of Scene 1
content of Scene2
content of Scene3

but instead I just get

Chapter One

content of Scene 1
content of Scene2
content of Scene3

So, how to set the section types in the binder, and section lay-out in compile to make it happen?

Thanks in advance

You do all this in the Compile settings, when you compile. If you haven’t done it, do the tutorial part about compiling and read up on the compile process in the manual. It IS possible to get a hang of it using good old trial-and-error, but it takes time because you mostly get just errors, not what you want.
Compile in version 3 is completely different from compile in version 2.

Thanks! Found it in the video tutorials. So true about trial and error, my apologies again!

I could not sort this out after watching all tutorial videos on compiling. Can someone please tell me where to find the answer to this question? (How to use my chapter folder names as Chapter titles, rather than Chapter One, Chapter Two, etc). Thank you.