Compile cutting out blocks of text on Kindle?

I’m trying to compile my document for Kindle, and it keeps cutting out blocks of text. For instance I have a chapter two, there are three scenes all separated by *** page breaks. When I compile for Kindle, scene two completely disappears. This continues in spots throughout MS, and I can’t figure out why.

I’ve taken a few screen shots of what I have to maybe make it easier for you to see where I’m at.

Any ideas?

Please have a look in the File -> Compile -> Formatting pane, and make sure the “Text” box is checked for the outline level of interest.

Also, try compiling for another format, like RTF, and seeing if the same text is missing there.

Finally, is there anything unusual about the missing scenes? Special font? Images? Foreign language text? Anything that makes them different from the scenes that appear correctly?