compile--default word styles

The TLDR is can you change the default stylesheet used when you compile to docx.

The longer version.

I’m trying to write in Scrivener and then do some final formatting in Word to tinker with things for final publishing in mobi, epub, and .doc Long ago, I changed the default stylesheets, saved in, in Word to match my needs, namely Times New Roman, 12 point, single spaced, with a 1/3rd of an inch indent.

However, when you export the docx file, it doesn’t use the files to set up the stylesheet for the word document, instead it reverts to calibri (I think this is the factory default in Word 2007). Is there a way to set up so I can have the word export based on a custom set of styles ie, the ones in the file?

I can get around this by compiling to preview, then pasting that into a blank word doc, but it would be nice to be able to export directly.

Have you tried using the Compile -> Formatting pane within Scrivener? That will let you define whatever output formatting you want.