Compile different types of scenes in a novel - Issue w/Layouts

Hi all, I’m flustered and I’m hoping I’m overlooking a simple solution or someone has previously solved an issue like this.

I have two types of documents within my chapters, Scene and Scene As Is. The second is for when I want to keep the page as it looks in the editor, such as I am recreating what a newspaper or online article would look like.

Both the Scene and Scene As Is are defined separately in the Section Layouts on the left side of the main Compile window. (see screen shot 1)

When I go to ‘edit format’ (screen shot 2) and select Section Layouts, both Scene and Scene As Is fall under Text (Level 1+). I would like to create a new category for Section Layout and hence assign it to Scene As Is, so that I can add a page break before and one after, something I do not want to do for the current Scene Text (Level 1+).

I have gone back to edit format, Section Layout and tried to add a new layout, to assign to Scene As Is, but once I hit the plus sign and name it, there is nothing that allows me to assign to Scene As Is, either on this window or the left side of the main compile window.

I hope this is not confusing to those reading and someone might have a suggestion? thanks - ken

Back up a step, and take a look at the list of documents in the righthand pane of the main Compile screen. You need to make sure that the two types of scenes are assigned different Section Types in that screen.

The default is to automatically assign Section Types based on Binder hierarchy. That won’t work for you, because that’s not how your manuscript is designed. See Section 7.6.2 in the Scrivener manual for more information.


Thank you Katherine for the reply. I do have they text docs assigned different section types on the main Compile screen, (see image of scene 10, 11 and 12 as an example) which is why I’m confused re adding a new section layout and assigning it to the Scene As Is. I’ll go back and re-read the section you highlighted and can see if I can figure it out. Thank you - ken

Looking back at your first screenshot, did you try the “Assign Section Layout” button at the bottom of the center Compile pane?


Hi and thank you for the quick response… Yes, I’ve clicked the “Assign Section Layout” button at the bottom and it then takes me to the below screen shot (1). I’ve highlighted “Screen As Is” for my section type and the As-Is box on the right, then hit Ok.

Next I went to edit format and added a new layout and named it “Text Scene As Is” (screen shot 2). Notice that it is not bold like the other layouts and underneath, where it says “Unused” its greyed out. What I had hoped to do was have that part listed as “Assigned to: scene as is” and then I could into Separators and set this particular doc type to have a page break before and after. At least, that’s what I’m trying to do.

bumping this incase anyone else has an idea/suggestion. - ken

If you look at your screenshot, you’ll see “Override Text and Notes Formatting” is ticked. That means it’s going to use the text attributes you see in the sample above, not preserving the “As-is” you want.

Try clicking it off and see if that works.



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Bang! thank you. Something so simple I couldn’t see it right in front of me.