Compile Documents Not In Manuscript

Currently I have a separate document for each of my characters which works fine within Scrivener but I also work from android with a text editor and would like one character file instead of searching through a ton of names on my phone. In the Windows version it will only let me select from the manuscript or from a search. Currently I have a work around where I have a search for the character notes label but I would really like to be able to select anything from the whole Scrivener project to compile.

Thank you!

This can already be done: the trick is to use Collections to organise the group of items you wish to compile. So long as they are all normal editable text documents (not PDFs, etc.) then they can be selected for compilation through that collection. To give it a try, select all of your character sheets, right-click, and use the Add to Collection contextual menu to create a new collection. Give it a useful name, and now go into your compiler, and from the Contents option pane, select this collection from the drop-down menu at the top of the contents list.

Moderator note: moved to tech support as this feature already exists.

Oh thank you! I didn’t have any collections created so nothing showed up there before.