Compile dosn`t create file

Hi, everyone.

I am trying compile my project in .mobi or .epub format, but when I do, the Scrivener never creates the file. The compile bar is full, but the file doesn’t exist in my computer.

However, if I try compile in PDF format, Scrivener works perfectly,

Some months ago, I compiled this project in .mobi format and then it worked. I don’t know what to do right now.

Thanks for your time.

Someone can help me?

I can’t compile my book and mi readers can’t buy it in its kindle version.

I have uninstall scrivener (delete from application folder) and install again, but the issue is still there,

When I compile in Epub o kindle format, the compile screen never goes, and the progress bar is full.


I have found the problem; the compiles dislikes this content in a page: <$BLANK_PAGE>

If I remove it, it works fine, but loose the blank pages.