'Compile draft' oddness

I’m trying to ‘compile draft’ on a piece which is set up in Novel Format.

Unfortunately, the draft that compiles only includes the first chapter.

I’m wondering if it’s something to do with the indenting in the Binder - the first ‘CHAPTER’ folder is indented so it’s level with the ‘Title page’ icon, but the later ‘CHAPTER’ icons are further to the left, making their ‘Scene’ icons level with that first ‘CHAPTER’ icon.

Edit: realised what I’d done wrong; I have to include the chapters I want in the ‘Manuscript’ superfolder. Actually, this is extremely handy; it means you can compile only the bit that you want to look at as a unit right now.

You can also narrow down on just a subfolder of the Draft using the pop-up button at the top of the Contents list in the Compile Draft sheet.

All the best,