Compile ePub Formatting Issues

Any help is greatly appreciated. Am currently compiling a novel into epub format. Two issues that I can’t resolve:

  1. I have selected the option in the compile window (under Level settings) to capitalize the first 3 words of a paragraph (after centered sentences or blank lines). I have confirmed that I do not have “AS IS” checked. However, the epub version is not showing this effect. I am about to throw myself out of the window as have tried everything : )

  2. I would like there to be a heading on the top of every page in the epub version that shows the title of the book. I have looked through all of the documentation, scoured the forums and the internet and can’t figure out if this is possible. Has anyone managed to do this for epub or for kindle?

Thank you very much!

I can confirm that capitalizing the first words does not work, neither in epub nor in pdf.

Concerning your second issue I am not sure if this is possible in epub at all.

Number (1) definitely seems to be a bug, thanks for reporting it. I’ve added it to the list to fix for 2.2.1 (it’s too late to fix it for 2.2, I’m afraid, which is being released today).

Number (2), as juh says, is not possible - that is just a limitation of the epub format. It’s up to the e-reader to add any headers as it sees fit. The epub format is just a collection of HTML files with no concept of pages in itself.

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Thanks for your comments everyone. Can now stop beating my head against the wall and just do it manually.

Just found another bug. If I manually select the first 3 words of a paragraph and set them in Small Caps, then save the paragraph formatting style, when I apply that formatting style to a different paragraph, it puts the first 3 words into CAPS and not small caps. Anyone else experiencing this?

Small caps isn’t a format and so can’t be saved as a preset - “small caps” in Scrivener are faked, making non-capitalised characters capitalised at 3/4 size of the capital font. You can’t save this as a preset, I’m afraid. Small caps on OS X are a font thing - only a few fonts support true small caps. The feature in the Format menu that allows you to apply small caps just fakes this for all other cases.

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