Compile error: "Could not create title information for all f

Oops, title too long.

The error reads: “Could not create title information for all files.”

I’m using a Compile Format Preset I’ve used before.

Mac: 10.9.4
Scrivener: 2.5

Could you please show a screenshot of the files in the binder you are compiling? This means that it couldn’t build the necessary information from the files to create the index files for the e-book. It’s very rare to see this, so seeing what is happening in your binder would help.

The problem (probably) is the one file I named " ". Because I could not get that title suppressed in the TOC any other. Yes, I changed the formatting rules for that level of document. I tried lots of things. In one manuscript file, however, I discovered that " " worked. It is not working in this file (obviously).

(Ho ho! As if to test me, I re-named that one file to “test” and then re-compiled…and still got the error. So here is the Binder, with the file named " ".)

bottom of binder.png

And…more information…

I took the section under “About the Author” labeled “Excerpt from ETTM” out and then compiled. Everything compiled fine.

I re-added the “Excerpt from ETTM” section (the blank file was named “test”) and compiled. Everything compiled fine this time (!!!) except “test” made it into the TOC. (Nothing else at its formatting level did, like “1” or “Want to read more?”. I assume “test” at the same level, at any rate – I can’t see that part of the binder when I’m compiling.)

So I renamed “test” to " " and compiled and…everything worked fine this time.

I swear, I am not doing anything strange to my Scrivener files.

A-ha! What about the file above “1”? It has no title at all - I bet that’s the culprit, although I thought I’d got code in place to deal with blank titles, but maybe that’s an oversight. If you just remove the file with no title, or give it a title, does it work then?

That file above “1” (Named “(blank space)”, also renamed “test” for testing purposes) probably was the culprit. Although as I mentioned in my second post, I took the whole “excerpt” section out, recompiled, everything was file. Then I put “excerpt” back in, with that file named “test” in it, and “test” kept showing up in the TOC. (No other file in the “excerpt” bundle of files did. JUST “test.”) Then I renamed “test” to “(blank space)” again and…this time everything compiled fine.

I don’t know why it didn’t work once. I don’t know why it did when I went through this convoluted remove-the-files-then-move-them-back-in maneuver.

But I am now able to compile, with the Binder as shown in those pix: the file above “1” is named “(blank space)”.

So…go figure.