Compile extra newline between paras?

What setting in an Appearance will cause an extra newline between body paragraphs please?

Second, what is a good way to move an Appearance from one Project to another?

Third, is there a way of defining a Scrivener/IOS -wide Appearance?

Aha, found “Dropbox” appearances. Surely just what I want.

Still wanting to know how to get extra newlines between paras tho …

in plain text based on the courier Appearance, under text overrides added

Paragraph Spacing After: 24

has no effect.

please, is there a way? or, if not, please confirm that. thanks!

ha! turning on Convert to Basic Markdown in Compile does put extra space between paragraphs!

This works for all output formats except Plain Text.

Presumably it doesn’t work for plain text because plain text files just contain, well, text – no styling information. Asking for 24 points of space after your paragraphs is a rich-text style setting and not the same thing as asking for the insertion of an extra carriage return. Many settings you can set in Appearances just won’t have any effect in plain text output – because plain text file format just does not support such niceties.


Appearances options are not project specific. When you create your own custom Appearances there are automatically available in the Compile sheet for any project just like the provided ones are.

Hi gr,

Yes on the spacing 24. It was a vain attempt to get the necessary extra space between paragraphs in markdown. Turns out the convert to basic Markdown switch in compile does that. (I now wonder what else it does.)