Compile failure


So I’ve just written the first novel I’ve attempted under Scrivener. This is novel #14, so I’m fairly used to Word, but it has 3 time lines and I wanted to weave them together.

I used two primary fonts. the main text is in TNR, but the texts, and SOE telexes home, were in Courier. So a fair amount of Courier, but not more than 1% of the text.

In the compile, the programme seems randomly to have assigned some chapters to Courier. It has removed all formatting and deleted the paragraph indents. I am now going through 165,000 words by hand putting them back. This is enough to stop me from ever using it again.

So if anyone can help me fix it, I’ll be immensely grateful.



PS: compile is into Word .docx format, Machine is an iMac mid 2015, running Yosemite 10.10.5

In the Compile -> Formatting pane, is the box to “override text and notes formatting” checked? If so, uncheck it.

Does that help?


Thank you - I did it all by hand, but I’ll do a test run and see - wouldn’t that remove the secondary font though? I want there to be two fonts… and I want the paragraph indents.

I’ll try and see, though, thank you

If you’ve already set up the formatting you want in Scrivener’s editor, then unchecking the “override” box will tell the Formatting pane to leave it alone.

Alternatively, you can use the Format -> Formatting -> Preserve Formatting command to “protect” sections of text.

The Formatting pane is discussed in more detail in Section 24.11 of the Scrivener manual. It’s a complicated feature, so I’d definitely recommend taking the time to look through that section.


Thank you - I will do - I clearly did something wrong on a rather random basis, which was wildly annoying, but I have a script to write now, and want to use it again, so will take time to read it.

many thanks