Compile filter and statistics

I have figured out how to compile, excluding the documents with no label, which are those that are not finalised.

In statistics, I am supposed to be able to “count only the documents marked for inclusion”, but it actually counts all the documents, including those with no labels, which means I have no control over my total word / page count.

Am I forgetting to do something?

Hmm, what you are describing (at least as I understand it), should be working just fine. I have created a simple test project for you, which demonstrates what I think you are describing as having set up. (102.0 KB)

Try compiling that and seeing what you get. You should find that the word and character count at the top of the output file is less than the overall total (which I calculated by turning the filter off)—for example: 2,689 / 5,251 words.

If that doesn’t work, then check for updates and make sure you’re running the latest version of Scrivener. If it does work, then compare what it is you are doing against that example setup.

The settings that would refer to documents marked for inclusion and so on shouldn’t even be applicable in this case, because filtering is even stronger than exclusion/inclusion. Filtering fully removes the items from the compile Contents list on the right—they may as well not exist in the draft folder at that point.

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Thank you very much. Sorry, I have just realised that I was wrong, actually.

In the statistics part, it works fine. My issue is with the targets.

For example, I have a target of 25000 words for one part, and the current number of words in this part which is indicated adds ALL the documents, including those that have no label. Is there any parameter anywhere to ask Scrivener to count only those with a label, for example?

Sorry about the confusion…

Ah, got it. Yeah the targets tool is a little necessarily simple since it needs to be tracking your counts as you type. Consequently as little processing as possible is the name of the game, because that progress bar has to recalculate between every single keystroke (for that same reason the counter in the editor footer bar is also pretty raw, counting inline annotations and all). If it’s having to go out to your compile settings and build an effect list every time you hit a key, it’s going to cause typing lag.

Unless you’ve got a pretty basic setup, the best tool for getting a pretty close estimate is the Project ▸ Statistics... menu command. That will take your filters into account, and in “Accurate” mode will even run a quick background compile, which will then take into account stuff that is removed or added by the compiler (such as headings, or not printing chapter notes typed into folders that won’t compile, etc.).

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OK. I understand. Thank you.

I will just work with statistics and compile only the part I want to measure, excluding the “no label” documents, then.

I did not understand why you wrote “unless you’ve got a pretty basic setup”. I’m not sure what you mean.

By that I mean, whatever is in the Draft folder compiles, no special settings except for maybe an excluded item here or there. Once you start adding front matter, filtering, or other things then it is less “basic” and becomes harder for the software to tally stats for on the fly.

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