Compile Flaws

Compile flaws:

  1. Default image resolution in a PDF is supposed to be 300dpi. Compile seems to think it’s a bit more than 72 … maybe 90?
  2. Page numbering is set to start after Front Matter. Instead, it starts on the first page … and the number is 2, not 1.
  3. When Compiling a folder (a book within the manuscript, not the full manuscript), Compile fails to respect the <$include> placeholder tag and compiles all the book Front Matters, not just the one it should. It compiles all Back Matter folders as well, but at least, it doesn’t compile the other books.
  4. A layout that starts with Page Break doesn’t GET page breaks … at least, not in Front Matter.
  5. <$img> tags in Title Prefix are not Compiled.
  6. Paragraph formatting is lost everywhere but Front Matter — no indents and no line-height, before, or after spacing.
  7. Separators (3 stars) come out as blank lines.
  8. Headers are too close to the text.
  9. Centered paragraphs aren’t Compiled as centered, and THEY get indents they shouldn’t.
  10. Some Compile Replacements take effect; others do not. That may or may not explain #5.
  11. #6 may be explained by the beta stripping away assignment of a “body text” style in layouts. It’s there on the Mac, but after copying the project to Win10 and opening Compile in the Beta (22), it’s not there. The style is there, but it’s not assigned to text in the layout.
  12. re: #11, Compile doesn’t allow me to assign a style if it’s defined (only?) in Compile.

I could go on.

Disregard #9. It was the result of a Keyboard Maestro side-effect in the Mac version of the project. Long story.

just downloaded the latest RC and im having a lot of compile issues too