Compile for ePub quietly fails, but works for pdf

I am running Scrivener 3.2.3 (14869) on MacBook Pro.

My project compiles for pdf, but it does not generate a file (or an error) when compiling for ePub.


To potentially resolve the quiet failure part, I would go into the General: Warnings preference pane and enable internal error alerts. If the software is throwing an exception during the process of compiling, you will get a window with debugging info provided that may help point to what is going on.

Otherwise, in the main compile overview screen, click on the Options tab on the right-side (cog button), and enable Save source files in a folder with exported ePub. If something is really wrong with the syntax, or maybe there is an invalid character somewhere in the project, it may show where things stopped working, and with all of the files as native HTML and CSS, you can use other tools for validating the source and seeing if there are any critical issues with the syntax. Usually those wouldn’t stop compiling though, you’d just end up with errors in the ePub that show up as errors in the book reader, or in validation.

Thank you. My project compiled and I found an extraneous null command.

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