Compile for Word - tag with style names

I’ve looked around for what I thought I could do with Scrivener, but haven’t found it. When I create a project in Scrivener with all its hierarchy of folders and text files, I typically want to compile for Word at some point. When it gets to Word, I’d like to have Word style tags already applied based on that hierarchy - Level 1 folders = HEADING 1. Level 2 text = HEADING 2, etc. I know I can apply Scriveners style presets to the titles and texts, but that’s not what I want. I couldn’t care less about formats in Scrivener, but if these items were tagged with the style names I assign, I could then just modify those styles in Word, and violá!, my document is formatted. Even better, I can import a style sheet from my company’s template and those styles are applied.

Am I missing how I can do this, or should I adapt and post this over in the feedback/feature request forum?

Bonus extra-nerdy reading:
For any old-school early desktop publishing vets out there, it’s similar to when one could type all their text in XyWrite and use <> throughout the text which would then show up as style names when that text was brought into the publishing program. Format the styles, and presto-bango, your document was complete!

I’ve posted some tips on how to do this with Word.

And for the extra nerdy stuff, we do support the MultiMarkdown system which is similar to what you describe. You use simple coding like that to mark ranges semantically. MMD and Pandoc can both be used to generate stylesheet-ready documents. Pandoc can go directly to DOCX, MMD takes a tour through Flat ODT which you need to open in LibreOffice (or Nisus Writer Pro) and then save out as RTF or DOCX from there.