Compile formats missing

Good morning. I opened scrivener this morning to compile to vellum. and the option is missing, as well as compile to word doc. Anyone know what caused this? Please Advise. If you know how to bring it back, that would be great.

The Vellum format is only available to the DOCX file type. I don’t believe Vellum even supports the legacy DOC format.

I’m not even given the ms .docx as an option for complie. I’ve installed the same scriviner on two different machines, and when you open compile on one of there there are a plethora of options for format, two of which are .docx and vellum. on my second install those options are missing.

Could you please post a screenshot of the list of file types you do get when clicking on the Compile For button, at the top of the compile window?

Mainly I want to make sure we are talking about the same thing, because “Vellum” and “DOCX” would ordinarily never be listed together in the same tool, as you describe. They are completely different things. One is selected from a file type drop-down (.txt, .html, .pdf, .docx, etc.), and the other is a Compile Format, presented in the left sidebar after you choose your file type.

Amber V. Thank you for your quick response. Since I posted the last item, I discovered I had the wrong item picked at the top of the compile menu. once I switched it to msdocx I was given the vellum option on the left. At this time, the issue is resolved.