Compile formatting incorrectly despite using various settings?

I’ve spent hours trying to work this out and can’t find anything online or in this forum. Hopefully someone can help!

I’m trying to make a non-fiction ebook, with six chapters and a few images. It all looks fine onscreen but when I compile to pdf it does a couple of sections in my chosen font (Georgia) and the rest in Courier. I’ve tried various settings, using custom and original, checking and unchecking the ‘override text and notes formatting’ box, but it does it every time.

Am I missing something? If anyone can help I’d be very grateful. Thank you.

What font are you using in Scrivener’s editor?

Is the As-Is box in the File -> Compile -> Contents pane checked for any of the problem files?


I’m using Georgia throughout my main Scrivener file. In Compile/Contents the As-Is boxes are unchecked for all the pages (not just the ones that come out incorrectly). Shall I try the other way, checking the As-Is box for all the documents?

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.

It sounds a little like the parts that are compiling in the incorrect font are at a separate level in your binder from those that are compiling correctly. Each document level has its own settings (font, size, style, etc.) in the compile window. I’d double check to make sure that all of the documents are at the same level, because if they are, then they should be getting the exact same formatting (assuming your “as-is” buttons are all checked/unchecked correctly).