Compile Formatting pane, need resizable columns

Because this is a little hard to work with.


And it’s not letting me resize either the column or the window itself.

I don’t recall it being like that in 1.6 (maybe it was and I just never noticed, LOL).

Thanks, the ability to adjust the column width is on the list. Had you changed interface languages in Scrivener or the Menus & Windows font/font size? That image definitely doesn’t look right; the type column should be wider. Does it appear that way after restarting, in all projects?

Yeah, it’s that way in all projects.

The interface language is set to System Language. The Menu & Windows font is set to the default MS Shell Dlg 2 [10]. I do have my Windows font scaling set to 125% - but it’s always been like that, and I don’t recall seeing this previously (although I don’t use Compile | Formatting all that often, so there’s some chance I’m misremembering).

Here’s the full window:

If I take away a couple of the levels, and reduce the size of the preview pane to eliminate the vertical scrollbar then I can see the full text for up to 2 levels. But any time I go to Level 3+ it starts truncating.

Edit: This is scriv