Compile: How to Multiple-select "Include"?

I have a very simple question, but the solution need complicated:

How can I multiple-select “Include” in the compile settings?

By default, all text documents in “draft” are included in compile. But what if I want to compile only (say) two of the text documents? I know that I could choose “compile excluded documents”, but it doesn’t seem to be a long-term solution, because things will get messy after a few compiling.


If I understand your question, this may help.

Opt/click on any box will check — or uncheck — all selections.
You can then select individual elements.
That may make it easier to select a small number.


Another suggestion that is more direct has nothing to do with the checkboxes. Just select the two items in the Binder that you wish to compile (Cmd-click on them) and then go directly to Compile, selecting the Contents option pane, and using the drop-down menu at the top of that, change the compile group to your “Current Selection” (toward the bottom of the drop-down menu).

As you note, using checkboxes for this kind of things can get a little messy. The feature is more useful for things that are never or rarely ever going to be compiled, like draft notes or old revisions you wish to keep around for reference. There is a better trick for batch checkbox changes: in the Contents pane, Shift or Cmd select the items you wish to toggle, and Opt-click on any of the selected checkboxes. Only the selected items will be toggled (this trick also works in the Outliner, when you have the Include column added).

I also like the Print Current Document command for this kind of thing. It isn’t as flexible as Compile, but it’s great for a quick printout or PDF for review. Prints whatever is in the current Editor pane.


These are all very helpful. Thanks very much indeed for your help PS, AmberV, and Katherine!