Compile in 3.1.1 not creating PDF table of contents

When I compile a project created in 3 in 3.1.1 it is no longer generating a PDF table of contents. The project was compiling feature complete with table of contents before the upgrade.

Scrivener has never created an automatic table of contents for PDF, so nothing has changed here. To add a table of contents, you use the Edit > Copy Special menu to copy documents as a ToC, and paste the results into a text document that should be included in Compile.

Maybe I’m just not using the Lit and Lat nomenclature (or I’m losing’ it). This may be what you refer to in the PDF compiler settings as the “PDF outline”? In Apple Preview the view option to display it, is called “Table of Contents”.

I created a new compile settings file in 3.1.1 based on a Scrivener default compile format using a Scrivener project template “Non Fiction Format”. I checked to make sure the Generate PDF Outline option was turned on. Here’s the feature description from the manual:

The compiler did not create a PDF outline for the document. Titles were set to be included in the compile (“visible title”).

Argh! That’s a really stupid bug. I have an inverted flag on the new “Optimise for print on demand” option. You might be able to get it working by turning that option on (with the outline also turned on), but that will have other effects you might not want.

I’ve fixed this for 3.1.2. Sorry about that.

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Having this problem as well and it’s delaying the publish of a book that I’m trying to get out the door for the holidays :frowning:.

Also: checking “Optimize…” doesn’t work either as I think you saw on the other thread. I’ve been on this all weekend checking/unchecking everything and nothing seems to help.

Epub/Mobi works fine but picky readers want their PDFs too. Really looking forward to 3.1.2.


  1. Export to RTF, doc, or docx

  2. Open in Pages

  3. Use styles to create headings and then a ToC based on Insert > Table of Contents > Document

  4. Export to PDF from Pages and a TOC / PDF outline will be produced

Slàinte mhòr.

Wouldn’t call that a workaround really - that’s “use something else entirely” which I don’t think I want to do while waiting for a minor version push.


There have been four point releases since Scrivener 3 was launched in November 2017, which is an average of 3 months between releases. No idea when 3.1.2 will be released, but if the past average is a future guide, then with 3.1.1 being released in November 2018, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to think that it might be February 2019 before 3.1.2 is available.

If I had to get a book out before December, I wouldn’t spend a weekend trying to make something work when a 15-minute workaround could do the job for me. But your call, of course: I just assumed you wanted to act quickly rather than wait for a day, a week, or possibly even several months. Completely respect your choice. Was just trying to help.

Also, it is possible that you will wait for the new version and then find that a new bug has crept in and that you still can’t compile as you want.

Good luck with the book.

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please release 3.1.2 ASAP! i need PDF inner TOC!

i know it’s annoying to ping… but since this is a MAJOR bug (to deliver technical documentation without the internal TOC is a major problem for me) and THERE IS already a fix for that bug (as said by KB on 15 november… 3 months ago)
what can we do?

3.1.2 is out, and this issue is fixed (it seems).

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