Compile is changing body fonts

I am having a strange problem in compiling a document.

For title and headings I am using Fritz-Quadrata and for body text Baskerville regular.

When I compile using “original” to RTF and open with Word 2011 the title and headings come out properly as Fritz-Quadrata but instead of Baskerville regular I get Baskerville semi bold italic. Also, everything between the first comment and first footnote is underlined.

This doesn’t happen when I compile to PDF. Also if I open the document in Nisus the correct fonts are showing but the underlining still persists. (I don’t want to use Nisus I just keep it for making PDFs that embed links, something Word can’t do.)

It seems to only be a problem with Baskerville. What to do? :confused:

I can’t explain the font issue with Word; if it is working correctly in other word processors it could be the way Microsoft is looking for fonts. That is typically only a problem when crossing platforms, but who know what they are doing with their text engine on the Mac—it surely doesn’t load fonts like other Mac programs, though they may try to emulate the native system behaviour.

With the underlining issue, it might be easier to send in a short sample, long enough to reproduce the problem so we can take a look at it directly. Otherwise if you can find a way to reproduce it using a simple sample starting from a blank project with no pasted text then let me know. I tried a five word example with a comment on the first word and a footnote on the fifth, and then copy and pasted the test line three times to create additional comment and footnote data—but surely your example is more complicated. :slight_smile:

Did you mean by that also the underline problem?

No. I meant that the headings which were in Fritz-quadrata came out as expected. Only the body text was messed up. It was Baskerville but just the wrong style of Baskerville.

How do I send you as sample? Do you want a copy of the original scrivener file as well?

You could just attach a screenprint to show what’s going on.

In this case a live sample that causes the problem would be most helpful, or enough of an excerpt of it to reproduce the problem. The easiest way to do that will be the File/Back Up/Back Up To… menu command with the zip option enabled. If the result of that is under 10mb, that will attach to an email fine.

If it is larger, you could use Save As instead, and trim out any research or unnecessary draft material. If all it takes is one file for example, you could just trim it all down to that.

Well, I found out what was causing the underlining :smiley: ; the comment where the underlining started consisted solely of a link to a web page. When I removed the link and put in ordinary text the line disappeared which is good, but now the link to the page I wanted to reference is also gone which is bad. When I say link I don’t mean the URL I mean that the text had a hyperlink embedded in it and was thus underlined. Now to find out why the fonts are being changed.

Ok first this is what it looks like in Scrivener. And then what it looks like in MS Word 2011 after compiling it with format as “original” to RTF

The scrivener file is in Baskerville ordinary but the MS Word now Baskerville SemiBold italic :open_mouth:

I wonder if you create a new file in TextEdit and set some lorem ipsum text to Baskerville regular, save that as RTF and open it in Word, do you get the same result? I can’t think of anything out of the ordinary (at least in terms of what the text engine would do itself) that Scrivener might be doing here.

Yes, I see what’s happening. Silly question time: do you use Scrivener and Word in the same user account on the same machine? If yes, what happens if you click ‘Regular’ in Scrivener - does it show all the Baskerville options, or just Regular? I’m just scrabbling in the dark here, but one thing you could do is launch Font Book on your Mac and check your Baskerville font is both valid and not duplicated.

No question is too silly when dealing with computers. Remember “that to err is human but to really screw things up requires a computer.” :slight_smile: I am the only user and only use one account. I have added screen shots to answer your questions. There doesn’t appear to be any problems in Font Book, and yes Scrivener allows me to choose all options in Baskerville.
Screenshot 2017-08-23 12.49.10.png
Screenshot 2017-08-23 12.39.52.png

Yup, I get the same result (screen shots). So it seems to be an MS Word 2011 issue. It works in Nisus Pro but I don’t want to use that program (learning curve).

So what I just did was use Font Book to disable semi bold and semi bold italic. I had to disable both because MS Word defaulted to semi bold. But with both disabled MS Word is behaving. But it doesn’t show bold italic. To get that I have to do it manually from tool bar. If I ever need to use those two font weights I can always activate them again.

Thank you both for your help.