Compile issue - Kindle Gen

I’m new to Scrivener and just done a test compile for a .Mobi file, however, it is asking for access to Kindle Gen. This is no longer available to download from Amazon and has been preceded by Kindle Previewer. Anybody help with a solution?

Many thanks

I believe Kindle Previewer contains Kindle Gen, so just download ot and try.



Thanks for your response Mark.

I already have Previewer downloaded. The problem is that Scrivener asks for where the file is located on the PC but then by default the program looks for a Kindle Gen.exe file and wont allow you to change it to anything else.

Not sure where to go with it from here tbh :confused:


See this post for the steps I took to get the Scrivener beta to recognize the version of KindleGen included with Kindle Previewer. I believe you should be able to do the same thing on the release version 1.9.x.