Compile issue: Labeled pages don't show

When I try to compile and there are text pages that have any label on them, they do not show in the compile right-side menu.

The work-around is to select "No Label " for any page I want to show and compile, but that is a tedious process.

I’m using
Version: Beta (513567) 64-bit - 29 Mar 2019

On a Microsoft SurfaceBook running Windows 10, build 17134.648

It could be that you have enabled by mistake the compile content filter and filter out some documents via label. To verify this, please open the Compile dialog and move your mouse to the right of “Compile: “Draft”” selection box(above the content list view). A gray button rectangle(without an icon) will appear. Press the gray rectangle and a popup will appear with options to filter the compile content. Unfortunately we have a bug which, do not show properly the button filter icon, which has been fixed and will be available with the next update.

Thanks for that.
I may be misunderstanding though, as I don’t see a “Draft” option for my Compile" selection box.

Attached is a screen shot of what I get from that selection box.

Am I barking up the wrong tree?

Attached is another example of someone who apparently had a similar issue. I see the funnel/filter icon there.

Just search for the filter button to the right of the box. The filter icon is missing but the button is there. Just search for it moving the mouse until you see a darker button rectangle popping up.

“Draft” is the default name of the folder where you put your writing, if you start a project from the “Blank” project template. It’s renamed in various templates, and apparently you renamed it from whatever your template started with to “Making Right”. The convention when talking about that folder is to call it the “Draft” folder regardless of what it’s been renamed to.

The funnel icon to the right of that appears to be hidden, but if you click around in that area to the right of the topmost “Making Right”, you’ll end up finding the filtering options, and in that drop-down, you may find the reason that some things aren’t showing up.

Yep that was it. The stealth filter button.

Thanks again!
No way in hell I would have figured that one out on my own.