Compile issue.. not keeping text formatting...

I finally upgraded (long wait) to Windows 3, and working again on my “murder mystery.” Before I get too far into editing and writing the rest of it, I tried the compile to see how it transferred in from old version.
I went through the tutorial (great overall) on compile and sections, etc. And seemed to get how to in this version.

Two (2) images attached to show the core issue for me.

First one shows the page as I’ve written and formatted it in the editor manuscipt. You can see the icon and large capital letter, and the layout on that chapter opening page.

The second one shows the page when compiled to epub (will be an ebook hopefully on Amazon etc.*). Notice the icon is now on the left by itself, then a line jump, then the text starts without any initial capital. Also, in the compile format changed copy I set the chapter title and sub-title to align right. That did not happen ;(.

The compile I’m using has just two formats it’s using in my edited format (dupe/changed) for epub. N/A for the folder in the binder, and Section Start.

Any help appreciated.