Compile issue with order and fonts

Hello Guys,

I am having issues getting to compile properly. The font of the title page comes out small (section layout is set to “as is”) and the table of content lands before the title page. How to fix this please?

If some of your documents compile in an order that doesn’t correspond to the binder’s, that most likely means that some of them are “front matter”.
In this case, I’d say your TOC.
Move your title page to the front matter part of your binder. That should fix it.

As for the font turning small, make sure your document/section type/section layout assignation is properly established. It sure seems like it is not. (You say it is “as is”, but then it makes no sense. So perhaps your document is assigned to the wrong section type.)
Another solution could be to use style(s) for your front page. That would override the section layout’s formatting.
→ If you already used style(s) in your front page, then that is where your problem comes from. Fix the styles in the Styles panel of your compile format. Create new ones for your front page if though they are also in use (and give the desired result) elsewhere in your project.

This did not work, I have moved the title page and copyright to the front matter folder and selected “the book begins with front matter” why can’t Scrivener simply export as set in order, is it a bug? I didn’t mention I have selected epub3 for ebook. Maybe the issue is there?

I have managed to create TOC but it shows as plain text. If I generate html the page moves to the front again. It so annoying!

What and where is that ?

You mean this ? :
From the main compile options ? (It ain’t “with” but “after”. Big difference.)

Perhaps then, take you TOC out of the front matter, have it be your first document in the draft folder (in the binder) and place in your front matter section whatever (front page etc) you want to end up before it.

Nothing works mate, I have tried number of options as well as generating html table of content. I have opened a file in Sigil and i could set it there. No matter what we do Scrivener will either create plain table of content where we want or html version at the front. This is a bug and a big one. It shouldn’t be compiled to compile in order set in the compile window. This is either done on purpose by the developers to annoy people because this shouldn’t behave like that. The same goes for the fonts. I told this software to compile as is and it didn’t do that.

It most certainly is.

But no, seriously, from my experience with the software (they don’t mess around on purpose) it is either a bug OR there is a perfectly good reason for it, and you’ve compiled a tad not quite how you should have.

Just be patient, someone with better understanding of your issue will (likely) show up.
No use in burning the bridge meanwhile :wink:

Well, if you’re Compiling for ePub3, the generated toc.xhtml should not have other formatting than an ordered list with one level list items and it should be placed after the cover file. This file should not show in the book but in the Reader’s user interface.

If you do want to show a toc in the book, generate an html toc, make it pretty and place it anywhere in your book. In front matter or between other sections, everything goes with the html toc.

Make sure it’s placed correctly in the spine section of the Content.opf file.

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  1. If the ToC and Title pages both are in the front matter folder, or one of them isn’t there, put them in the correct order there. Those are just Binder operations. Drag/drop.
  2. If you don’t have a front matter folder, create one and put it outside the Draft/Manuscript. Above the draft makes more sense than below, since you want it to come first in exports, but Compile doesn’t care either way. Then go back to #1.
  3. If you have a front matter folder or just created it due to #2 above, tell Compile that you have one by clicking the Add front matter: checkbox and selecting the folder in the dropdown.

If you’ve done all that, there’s a bug of some sort.