Compile-- multi-line custom separators

Is there a way to do multi-line custom separators in the Windows version of Scrivener? I saw a thread on the Mac version that mentioned something about using the “option” button which I am assuming is a Mac thing.

If there isn’t - can anyone tell me if there is a way to adjust the amount of space (I know it’s a return above and below) around what I type in there. I generally use a simple — between my scenes but it would look so much better with more space around it for a clearer scene break.


It’s not possible to have a multi-line separator on Windows at the moment, and the spacing isn’t adjustable (on either platform); it uses the formatting of the paragraph that precedes it in the compiled document. So I can think of two options for adjusting this:

  1. Compile as you’re doing now, to RTF or such, and then modify it in a word processor afterward–I think this shouldn’t be too much trouble in something like Word, where you should be able to use a find/replace action to affect the styling.

  2. Instead of using the custom separator, use a single return (or empty line, if you prefer) and then create a “separator” document in the binder with the exact styling you want and mark it to compile as-is, then duplicate it as many times as you need to insert it where you want it between your scenes.

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lol okay, so I’m not losing my mind. I’ve been through every setting I could try to increase that space.

I like the idea of a “separator” document.

I had also toyed around with the idea of just adding a carriage return of my own at the top and bottom of each section but I was hoping there was a way to make the compiler do it for me since it does so much else!

Thanks for the quick reply!

So bumping this back up in the hopes that since I originally posted it in 2013 that the separator spacing issue has a fix.

Is there any any way of adding additional space around my separator? I’m really tired of fixing it by adding in hard returns in every single scene.

I’m using Version: - 06 Oct 2016 for Windows.


Any chance this has changed with Version 3? I too would like to have more than a single line separating sections, but the idea of adding a separator doc to the binder bloats the binder way too much.


I just made an account to tell you all that at least in version 3(I didn’t test it on others) it is possible to make multiline section separators.
I am talking about Compile -> <Format> -> Separators -> Default Separats -> Text Files -> Separator between sections

You still can’t type multiline delimiters because pressing enter will close the window but what you can do is copy multiline delimiter from other sources!
For example, open notepad++ or even just the scrivener itself and type your multiline separator. Copy it and paste it into the setting. It will work(or at least is working for me on windows with export to pdf : d)

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Try adding your multi-line separator to the layout Prefix instead.

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