Compile not working as planned? [BUG LOGGED]

I don’t know whether this hasn’t been mentioned before. I did a search but came up with nothing, so I’ll give it a try.

I’ve been having many, many issues with the Compile function when exporting to rtf.

But the three that are bugging me the most:

  1. The new beta seemed to fix the wonky font issues, so bravo on that!

  2. Page breaks. I can never get the page breaks to show up. Whether I choose the Page Break Before option in the Inspector or the Compile Menu (Content Tab) or the Text and Folder Separation Page Break option (Separators Tab) in the Compile Menu, the final version won’t have any page breaks at all, which is very frustrating

  3. Line breaks. In the Editor window, I always put an emtpy line between paragraphs.

Like this. But the emtpy line disappears when exporting to rtf.
And the text looks like this. Which makes my 30k+ text virtually unmanageable, as you can imagine.

Other than that, I just adore Scrivener, I’ve been using it to write my NaNo, and the 1.3 Beta is simply amazing. You’re doing a great job!

I second the line break issue. And it’s when you export as anything, not just RTF.


Turns into:

Now I’m not going to export any time soon, but I searched as well and did not see these issues reported already. I guess not many of us are trying to compile just yet.

Thanks, these are definitely bugs. I will add them to the list.

Yes, I have the same bugs.

Also, I’m not getting the first line indent like I expect, and I’m not finding any way to make the output format in double-space as shown in the NaNoWriMo template. (The template opens in 1.3, by the way.)

I’m looking forward to either having these issues explained to me (how to get the formatting I want) or that these are known bugs that will be looked into.

Am really loving Scrivener.

I am also having issues with compile to rtf and pdf, in beta 1.3. :cry:

I like to have my text exported / compiled with a visible first line indent, but the problem is that no matter how I format the text and what settings I make before compiling to pdf, the resulting file has only a first line indent of a few pixels. This way, the paragraphs are not easily identifiable and - to me at least - the text is a lot harder to read at a glance.
I have set the indent to 0.5" in the text editor, to 1" in the compiler, also tried compile “as is” for that file, but nothing seems to have the result I want.

Also, when exporting to rtf (there the indent is ok) with the Title page included, the title page format gets screwed up and appears written vertically. Also, with title page included, the rtf file shows as having size 0 in Explorer. [Please look at the attached files.]

It’s such a pitty since I absolutely adore Scrivener, but I am soooo dependent on flexible and well-working exports… I hope this will get fixed, and maybe (fingers crossed) some more formatting options included for exports/compiles. :wink:
Compile 1.pdf (17.4 KB)
Compile with title page.rar (2.07 KB)

Just wanted to say I am having the exact same issues compiling. Hope this is fixed.

Hi. I am posting here because I think this is where we post any problems with compiling manuscripts on Scrivener.

I LOVE Scrivener’s 2.0 upgrade. It’s fantastic. Especially because I’m writing a novel in parts.

However, I noticed something strange when compiling my draft. I wanted to ask if I was doing something wrong or if this was a “bug.” I apologize in advance for the lengthy details, but I read that we’re supposed to be as detailed as possible so Scrivener can fix the problem… or if someone can tell me if I’m doing something wrong? Thanks! :slight_smile:

  1. I compiled my Novel In Parts. I chose the following:

The PDF compilation came out perfectly! There was Part One followed by Chapter One and the scenes, then Chapter Two etc., followed by Part Two onwards.


  1. I was curious to try the other forms of compilation. So then I chose this:

Unfortunately, this threw everything off. Part One was now on a separate page and re-titled “CHAPTER ONE” followed by my title for Part One. Chapter One was now “Chapter Two,” Chapter Three was now “Chapter Four.” And Part Two was now “Chapter Five.”


  1. I tried compiling it differently. I chose FORMAT AS: RTF and also FORMAT AS: Microsoft Word etc. Same problem. All the chapters were one “off” and the Parts were now incorrectly labeled as “Chapters.”


  1. I returned to what I originally did from the beginning when it was compiled correctly:

BUT instead of returning to the original settings, my Novel In Parts STILL had the wrong labels. The Part One and Part Two were incorrectly labeled as “Chapter One” and “Chapter Two,” and the chapters themselves were now off by one number (Chapter One was now “Chapter Two,” etc.).


  1. Out of curiosity, I created a BRAND NEW Scrivener file from the Novel In Parts format. I tried compiling immediately as:


And guess what? It came out INCORRECTLY. All the Parts were now labeled “Chapters” and the chapters themselves were numbered by one off (Cp. 1 was now Cp. 2 etc).

I even created another new Scrivener Novel In Parts document and compiled in other formats and the same thing happened.

So it seems as if you start with the original CUSTOM/PRINTING PDF FIRST, it compiles correctly. All the other choices change the Parts/Chapters labels incorrectly.

I was just wondering if I did something wrong or if this is a bug. In a nutshell, if you choose to compile as CUSTOM/PRINTING PDF, everything is formatted correctly. But the minute you choose something different, like STANDARD MANUSCRIPT FORMAT or RTF or WORD, it messes up the labels and chapter numbers.

Thank you!

These bugs will definitely all get fixed, so don’t worry.