Compile ONE chapter only?

I’ve tried searching for any hints on this… can you just compile ONE chapter (in my project this one folder and its subsections and their subsections). I want to compile my latest chapter to give to my supervisor – needs to have the formatted footnotes etc.

I can of course compile the whole thing then scroll down find the chatper I want then print those pages only, but I’m sure there must be a simpler way…

This is very easy to do once you know the trick. Fire up the compile interface, and if necessary, click the “…” button to show all of the options. In the Contents tab, at the top of the pane, you’ll find a drop-down menu. From there you can select any item in the project. If you select a group, it will compile that item and all of its descendant items. So in your case, select the folder or file group that represents the chapter, and all sub-items will be included.

ahh… its the ‘…’ that is the trick! THanks!

You’re welcome! We’re working on making this whole aspect a bit more intuitive. In the future compile will have some up-front stuff that is useful to nearly everyone, and the transition to the more complete system will be clearly labelled.