Compile Options - Post-Process on command line and Pandoc syntax.

I am not sure if I miss it or it is not implemented yet. I am looking for the compile options to export Markdown with Pandoc syntax. On Mac there is this checkbox together with the option to run post process scripts. Is there an option on the Windows Beta? By cmd.exe, Powershell or WSL?


Although the beta version will detect if you have installed Pandoc and open additional compile options, at this time none of the actual code for using it is in place, and you very likely won’t get a desirable result. Your best bet will be to compile to plain “MultiMarkdown” and process the file yourself using Pandoc directly.

Thank you Amber.
Is the normal markdown output pandoc compatible? I don’t know the exact differences.

Yes, particularly if you tell Pandoc that your file is MultiMarkdown (which is what our output is, it isn’t stock vanilla Markdown). For example:

pandoc -f markdown_mmd -t docx -o file.docx

Thank you. I’ll give it a try :slight_smile: