Compile Options - several footnote/endnote options missing from MacOS version 3.2.3 (14868)?

The compile options screen for my MacOS version of Scrivener shows the following:

Note that there are NO compile options to:

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Note the screenshot says you’re compiling to .txt format, where of course there is no support for endnotes.

Scrive’s abstruse post does read as though they were unaware that the options available differ depending on one’s output format, but other posts they have in the offing on this same topic suggest this isn’t really so. Not sure why the crazy (and kinda misleading) post here.

But also notice that Scrive is compiling to produce LaTeX code where footnotes and endnotes are meaningful and do have encodings. So, we can see why having those options would be desirable.

I wonder if the following is true (and which would explain why the option Scrive is looking for is not available where Scrive wants it): the options in the right panel are responsive only to the file type of the output, and not at all responsive to the compile format being used. The right panel doesn’t know what the left panel is doing, so to speak. Not sure this is true, but it would explain the lack of opportunity.

Yes, I think that is a concise way of putting it. When we think of a format in relation to an RTF file, we think of fonts and paper sizes. With plain-text a Format has more to do with how text is “typed” into the file. With this particular format they are using an elaborate configuration that “types” a lot of LaTeX syntax around their text content, resulting in a valid .tex file. One could just as well create an elaborate format that produces a valid XML file.

Given that, how could such a checkbox ever exist in a way that does anything meaningful? If we want multiple notation streams in XML, we need to configure that into our document design. Likewise for LaTeX. These are questions of configuration, or the relationship between the Format and the content.

So I must say I do not understand the original query in that framework.