compile outputting to word in courier?

Hm, every time I’ve compiled and sent to Word in the past, the doc has come out in Word in Times New Roman, which is the standard for most literary publishers and magazines. I haven’t had to do anything, it’s just come out this way. But this latest doc just came out in Courier. I’ve compiled this very same doc, or another folder within the same project (same story, different draft of it), before, and it came out fine. I didn’t do anything that I know of to change the fonts. I used the same presets within the project, but that shouldn’t change the output as far as I know anyway.

No one really likes Courier in my world.

Why did this happen, any ideas? I went through all the compile settings and didn’t see any reasons for this… There are no override settings regarding the fonts.

Everything else came out all right, formatting–italics, bullets, margins, etc.

A couple of things to try are quick font override, make sure it’s unchecked (or checked with a more appropriate font face), and also in the formatting setting, make sure that for ever document in your list that you have ‘override text and notes formatting’ unchecked. These text boxes allow you to apply formatting to any and all of the text of a document by formatting the sample text inside the box. When I first got scrivener this was enabled, but it removed all the formatting that I had put into my documents, like indents, tabs, and line spacing.

And whatever the issue is, you could just change the quick change override setting to Times and then everything will always come out as times.

You might also want to double check your compile presets, found using the Format As: dropdown menu. I believe the “standard manuscript format” preset uses Courier, for instance.


Oh, gotcha. For some reason my other projects have TNR as the quick override checked already. I wonder why it just “knew” to have that checked? But in this particular project it’s just got the standard formatting with no TNR override, so that’s the trouble. Thanks! Yikes. Who still uses Courier anymore, except a few SF stick in the mud publishers? Definitely should not be the default.

Thanks you guys.

For what it’s worth, Courier has its uses. One of them is for quickly estimating word count: a sheet of letter sized paper written using double-spaced Courier will contain approximately 250 words (I don’t know if A4 is the same). Times Roman was designed for narrow columns, which a sheet of letter-size paper with 1" margins definitely is not. Writing becomes difficult to read if a line contains more than 60-85 characters. Scrivener is not a typesetting application; nor for that matter is Word.

Courier is still used in many places around the world, that is why it is the default. There is no universal standard, but our settings are the most common at any rate.