Compile- page breaks

I’m having trouble with these page breaks still. I have changed the Section Layouts to not include a page break where I don’t want it, but when I compile, they still show up. I have tried changing the “separator before/after sections” to “single return” and to “empty line” and still most new sections end up on the next page. There are some, though, that don’t have the extra space, but I have checked and double checked and they are all the same section type and there are no extra spaces in the editor. Can anyone help me? I’m supposed to be submitting my dissertation today and need to figure this out! :cry:

Starting a new topic is likely to get a more timely response than adding to a two year old thread.

Check to make sure there are no manual page breaks in the text of the project itself. The View -> Text Editing -> Show Invisibles command may be helpful here.

In the Separators pane of the Compile Format editor, check the separators for folders, text files, and the relevant section layout(s).