Compile Problem

I’ve tried everything I can think about to solve this problem, but can’t seem to find a solution. I am new at this, however, so I’m hoping someone here can help me.

  1. I have a Prologue at the start of my novel and want the word Prologue above it when I compile.( That part I’ve finally figured out how to do. First, I used to get Chapter One and the word Prologue underneath when I compiled. Then, I figured out how to get rid of the words, Chapter One. I did it by putting a Text document above the first chapter folder, calling it PROLOGUE, and in the formatting section of Compile, I put a check mark in the Title box of Level 1 text documents.
  2. I wanted my first chapter to have a name … let’s say December 13th, 2011 … So, no problem, I just titled the first folder, December 13th, 2011 and when I compiled, I got exactly what I wanted: the words Chapter One and underneath them December 13th, 2011.
  3. Now my third chapter has a name, too … Let’s say December 13th, 2041 … So, again, no problem. I did exactly what I did in step two above.
    So, where’s the problem you say? Well,
  4. I do not want a title on Chapter Two … Just those words Chapter Two … But, the way everything is set up, I get Chapter Two and underneath it the word ‘untitled’. Can I get that word ‘Untitled’ out of there?
    Since, in the novel I will be going back and forth between two different time periods, this will be happening a number of times. But, I don’t want to continue putting the same date on the chapters … So, I only want the title there when it changes to the next time period and there might be a number of chapters before that happens.
    So, for example, I want Prologue; Chapter One, with December 13th 2011 underneath; Chapter Two; Chapter Three with December 13th, 2041 underneath; Chapter Four, with December 14th, 2011 underneath; Chapter Five; Chapter Six; Chapter Seven; Chapter Eight with December 15th, 2041 underneath etc.
    But of course, all the Chapters which don’t have titles have the words “untitled” under them. Can anyone help me remove them? Thanks.

If your binder set up uses folders as containers to hold subdocuments as scenes, and the chapter folders themselves are empty of their own text, you could use the folder text for the titles. So your folder could be called whatever you want in the binder–“Everything Explodes!”–and that title won’t be used in compile. For the chapters that should have a title when compiled, select the folder in the binder, turn off the group view mode (deselect whichever of the top three options in the View menu has a checkmark), and then type the chapter title right in the editor. If the chapter has no title, just leave it blank. Then in compile, don’t include the folder titles, but do include the folder text. You can format that however you want it. You can also add the chapter numbers as a prefix–that will show up whether or not the titles are used, so your end result will be what you want.