Compile problems (1.6)[ADDITIONAL INFO]

I just tried compiling to a .doc file and got the error “May require MS Word to be installed.” I definitely have MS Word installed… the latest version for Windows, in fact. I get the same error when trying to compile to .docx.


One other thing I noticed. When doing a PDF, the “converting” status bar never seems to get far past 20% before finishing up. The document looks OK, but why did it stop at 20?

Last one for now (hopefully), to do with compling with the “override formatting” box checked.

I used the novel template, which puts a chapter title above the text of each chapter. The chapter heading looks like this:

Chapter #
Title of Chapter

But when I check the override button and compile as a PDF it adds a page break after “Chapter #” and another after “Title of Chapter.”

Furthermore, my book is divided into parts and then chapters. So there is a folder for part one, and beneath that there are folders for each chapter. Each Part has its own title. When I compile with the override setting on, it makes a page for the “Part” title… and then follows it with SEVEN page breaks before getting to the Chapter 1 page.

Is there something I’m missing here? This is not a problem when I don’t have that box checked.

On compile, what are the settings in the Separators section?

I have the same problem in compiling to .doc or .docx format. Rich text seems to work fine.

Text Separator: Empty Line
Folder Separator: Page Break
Folder and Text Separator: Single Return
Text and Folder Separator: Page Break

I should have noticed this before, but it seems to be doing that 7-page break thing I mentioned above between every chapter (i.e. folder in Scrivener).

A potentially related issue I’ve noticed is that checking the “Pg Break Before” box under Content and checking “Override existing text and notes formatting with formatting selected below” box under formatting results in a page break before and after every paragraph. Thus, in the section for which Page Break Before was selected, every paragraph and line of dialogue will appear on its own separate page.

Changing selections under Separators has no effect on this bug in my experience. Still, here are my selections for your information:

Text Separator: Empty Line
Folder Separator: Single Return
Folder and Text Separator: Single Return
Text and Folder Separator: Single Return

A second issue is that I’d like to see a way to number the pages when compiling.

Compiling to .odf creates a broken/unreadable document, but compiling to .rtf seems to work just fine.

I have gotten this message too! Same case. I have Windows XP, if that means anything, since it seems XP is having relationship issues with Scrienver in general… :neutral_face:

I’ve got Windows 7, for what it’s worth.