Compile problems in Version:

Using Scrivener’s latest update on Windows 8.

Since the Version update, I’m unable to compile in most formats. Compiling to RTF works fine, and to ePub as well (as far as I can tell, though I haven’t tested graphics and cover images, etc, yet). However, if I select any other save format (pdf, .doc, .docx, etc), Scrivener appears to go through the compile process, even tells me it was successful, but no file is created.

I am using all of the identical settings with the compile (RTF/ePub) that worked fine. If I select to Preview, everything looks great. Scrivener appears for all the word to be working, but there is no file saved to my computer when it’s done.

I see other users reporting various compile issues, but not quite the same symptoms, so I thought I would start a new thread.

This has only been happening since the recent update (I updated through the Scrivener internal “check for updates” interface which appeared to go smoothly). I’m having no other problems.

This is not just happening with one project; it’s happening with all of my projects and even with the Scrivener tutorial project.

Since the most important compiles I use for my books are to .docx format and .pdf, and neither of those are working, I’d appreciate any and all suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your help!

(Relatively new to Scrivener … less than a year … but it was love at first sight and I paid for registration, I believe, on the second or third day of the trial. :slight_smile: )

DOC, DOCX and PDF all use the same Microsoft Office converter by default if Scrivener detects that you have Office 2007-2013 installed. It sounds like that converter isn’t working for you, thus spinning the compile without producing the correct output. I’d try first off going to the Import/Export tab of Tools > Options and clicking “Export Converters…” then switching to an alternative converter for each of those formats. DOCX and PDF only have one other option; DOC has two, and I’d suggest “RTF-Based”, as this was the default prior to 1.7.1 and probably what you were previously using.

UPDATE to below: that seems to have worked, many thanks!


Thank you, Jennifer, I’ll give that a look-see. However, I was using 1.7.1 and it was compiling just fine. So this is something that happened just with 1.7.2.

I do have Office 2013 (actually 365, same creature) installed, but I did with 1.7.1. Nothing else on the system has changed other than the Scrivener update.

But again, thank you. I’ll play with those options.

Ah, yeah, the problem is Office 365. That uses a cloud-based API and isn’t supported, but the converter unfortunately can’t tell the difference between it and 2013. We’re trying to find a workaround to prevent Scrivener offering the Microsoft converters for Office 365 users, but meanwhile yes, just switching the converters manually will fix it. Glad you’ve got it working!

Ah, okay, thanks for the explanation!

I haven’t noticed whether Word 365 will save to PDF, etc, directly if I’m not online, though supposedly the various programs do install locally on your computer.

Moot point, though, I suppose, since you helped me with the work-around. :smiley:

Thanks again! Love my Scrivener!