Compile Problems

I’m having a problem compiling a project. When I compile it to PDF, it works just fine. However, when I compile to an rtf file, the vast majority of the text ends up 1 letter per line, causing a 13 page document to balloon to 207 pages. Has anyone else had this problem and discovered a solution?

This is a known bug. Jopefully it will be fixed in the next beta release.

Yes, as Stacey said, Lee’s working on a fix and it should be corrected for the next beta. In the meanwhile, though, you may be able to fix the compiled RTF by editing the code in Notepad. I’d make a copy of your compiled document, then open that .rtf in Notepad and search for “\ri”. You should find it with a number following it, e.g. “\ri8640”. Delete each instance of the \ri and the number following it, then save the file and open it again in Word. That should reset all the right indents to the 0 default, and you then can go and use the ruler in Word to adjust any paragraphs where you need it different.

Thanks for your help! I tried what you suggested. It fixed the indent/spacing problem, but it also stripped all the text formatting . Ah, well. This project isn’t due for a while, so hopefully the bug will be fixed before then.