Compile problems


I’ve just started using Scrivener and have brought in the novel-length non-fiction travelogue I’ve been working on, which is drafted and currently being revised.

I love the software! But I can’t seem to get the manuscript to compile properly in DOC, RTF or PDF formats (haven’t tried any others). The built-in presets produce rather unpredictable results in the usual viewer programs (Wordpad, Acrobat Reader, OpenOffice, Abiword, Google Docs, etc). I’m using the latest beta 029. Is anyone else having these issues?

The best I’ve managed to get out of it is a PDF which is readable but is missing the right margin completely - the text meets the right edge of the page - even though the right margin is set to 1 inch, as are the other margins.

Any ideas?

I’m afraid there are a handful of bugs with compile that Lee is working out to correct before the initial release; this includes the right marin for PDFs, some single-/double-spacing issues, the alignment of separators, inclusion of title prefixes, and some other things. The templates are also in need of updating, which I’m working on now, because a lot of the compile options changed since they were originally set up and they are, probably, all over the road. If you can explain more specifically what you’re trying to do and how you’re doing it, we may be able to help get you set up to do that now, or at least see what can’t be done properly at the moment due to bugs.