Compile Problems

I am trying to compile a document and for whatever reason the entire document seems to flow off the page. I have compiled a previous chapter without problem and it will still compile without problem. But this chapter is, well, a problem. The document I am attaching should be 10 pages, but is only 1 page when compiled.

See attached PDF for an example.

Thanks so so muchly . . .
Compline formating problems.pdf (82.9 KB)

It looks like you have a right-indent set on some of these paragraphs that is beyond the edge of the paper. Usually the easiest thing to do is let the compiler handle the formatting for you. If you go into the Formatting compile option pane and click on the type of thing where you write text (usually the text file icon), check off “Override text and notes formatting” at the top, and then set up how it should look in the mock editor below. That’ll clean up any weird things like this and make the whole text look uniform.

Actually, I do have the Override text and notes formatting" checked off . . . .

Okay, the next thing I’d check is the Options button in that same pane, and make sure tabs and indents are not being preserved. Or, if you need that option for special formatting in the book (like block quotes), then you’ll need to fix the indent in the editor. Just use the ruler copy and paste commands to fix up any paragraphs, using good examples for the copy. You’ll find those commands in the Format/Text/ sub-menu, or use Ctrl-Cmd-C and Ctrl-Cmd-V.

As for the chapter being truncated, that’s more difficult to say without more information. For example if you add 5,000 words of junk text to the beginning of the chapter, does it add to the output, still stopping at the same point, or do you still get one page? If you add text to the end, does it appear after the “break”, or is it invisible as well?