Compile: Quickly Include/Exclude Chapters

Another way to handle compile would be to navigate to your section here :

This offers a way for you to have a compile with chapter 16 be numbered as “16” (not “1”) if you compile, say, chapter 16 to 30.

To do so, leave the option I marked below unchecked.
If you check it, chapters 16 to 30 will compile as “Chapter 1” to “Chapter 15”.

So you got choice.
. . . . . . . .

Never should you have to play with (and try to remember what you did to later undo it) included/excluded from compile to get what you need.
Whenever you feel that you have no choice but to, investigate, there is a better way.


Refer also to the post above, in the existing discussion I’ve merged this query into. There are several methods available for rapidly selecting and switching between compile content sets.

The checkboxes you’ve been using, as noted there, are more for stuff that should always be one way or the other, like chapter notes that you want readily available in Scrivenings view and such, but would never want to compile.


You folk are awesome! I continued to be impressed by how supportive the community is here. Thank you very much!