Compile- remove annotations deletes line break

I’m using a custom version of the comic book template. When I export to DOC a line break is removed when I remove annotations with the compile option for remove annotations checked.

Images of what it looks like in Scrivener and Word at this link: … ebb9043a28

Is this expected behavior? How is the user to know if a space is an annotation???

Don’t compile to .doc … that is not a genuine binary .doc file, it’s an RTF with a changed creator code and extension — which is legal and fine for simple files, but does tend to throw up glitches when opened in Word. Compile to straight RTF which Word opens without problem in my experience … but no doubt someone’s going to come along and say they have had problems with that. :slight_smile:


:slight_smile: It’s a bug in RTF as well (it’s actually a general compile annotation bug). On the fix list!