Compile Reset

While working with a Word document, I changed some settings in the compiler. Now when formatting an Epub, the contents are a mess. You have a chapter one, untitled document, and untitled document for each scene. Is there a way to reset the compiler to the original settings?

Thank you in advance for any help available!

The question is where the Compile Format you used did come from.

If you made your own one there is nothing to reset to.

If you altered one of Scrivener’s on-board Compile Formats Scrivener had prompted you to first created a duplicate for your customisations. This would have kept the original Compile Format intact.

Check which Compile Format you are using.

True, but:
If the compile format was listed under “project formats” and you previously made a backup of the project, you may retrieve the compile format from C:/[...]/YourProject'sBackup/Settings/Compile Formats

Thank you! Your time is appreciated.

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Something else worth considering is that whatever compile Format you were using, or made from scratch, for DOCX output probably isn’t going to be a very good starting point for an ebook anyway. You could get it there of course, but it would take a lot of work and research.

Instead, I’d suggest just going with the “Ebook” compile Format in the left sidebar, and using that as your starting point to make aesthetic changes from. It will be doing a lot of the heavy lifting for you with sensible default settings for ebooks.

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