Compile Scrivener to Word document and retain word styles

I really love Scrivener as preferred research and wordprocessing tool.
However, as soon as i have finished my research, I do have to generate a Word-based document where the basic text, paragraph headers, image labels and other items items included in my report must show up exactly in a Word-based company wide used template format.
Of course I could try to just obtain the best possible visually looking-alike format by setting all the Scrivener compile and format option (nearly) identical to the office-based format, but as soon as any other collegue or fellow employee opens ‘my’ version of the document, it is clear that my document does NOT match the company standard.
My question: I would like to be able as part of the export or compile processe to point to the master word template and have Scrivener use an matching table to match all Scrivener-based levels to link to the (already existing) Word template.

Any tips or comments would be highly welcome!

There are two things going on in your post: one is something you want to accomplish and the other is an imagined way it might work. There is no process in Scrivener that matches the process you imagine at the end.

But, if what you are trying to accomplish is that styles employed in Scrivener get carried over into compiled Word output, there is simple setting for that (in the settings for you compile format you eill use under Styles and using the gear icon there.


Here is a snap of where in the settings sheet for your chosen Compile Format you will find this option.


Thank you for this suggestion.
I would be able to use your suggestion as a workaround. By exporting all to a word document INCLUDING the above mentioned style information, at least I would be able to identify the several styles that Scrivener produced during the export.
The manual workaround would be to first perform the export and as second step to open the wordfile and import the exact company-based styles (and overwrite the Scrivener styles, which causes the document to look like it originally used the company-based styles).
This 2 step approach is of course more time-consuming then having a Scrivener import/export option where Scrivener already does all the formatting.

Can I suggest that a wishlist item would be that Scrivener is able to import a Word document and is able to ‘read’ all the styles-settings in that Word document?
(By having that extra option, many people that are faced with the same companytemplate driven sitution would be helped!)

Kind regards,


Scrivener already does this, provided that the destination project’s stylesheet already has styles with the appropriate names.

Which I realize can be tedious if the imported document has a lot of styles, but you only have to set them up once. Then you can create a template project for future use.